Cellulite affects over 80% of women, and while this makes it one of the most common cosmetic issues, it can also be one of the most emotionally distressing.

Unfortunately, the condition is also notoriously difficult to treat, with many procedures proving to be ineffective.

At Cosmetic Avenue, we believe any cellulite treatment must be able to remove the appearance of dimples, which is why we offer Cellulite Subcision.

Recommended by the International Journal of Dermatology for advanced forms of cellulite, the walk in-walk out procedure is minimally invasive and highly effective.


The procedure works by first treating the tension that causes cellulite.

Beneath the skin, fibrous bands run through the fat, anchoring it in place.

As the bands shrink and shorten, tension increases, causing distortion of the skin. To alleviate this, the fibrous bands must be cut.

The process is carried out using local anaesthetic and a specially designed subcision instrument to release the fibrous bands.

The result is instant, and after each area is treated you will be able to immediately see the incredible changes in your skin.