Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting as it is also known, is one of our most popular cosmetic procedures. It’s safe, natural, minimally invasive, and most importantly it delivers incredible results. The procedure transfers excess fat from areas such as your outer thighs and re-administers it into those areas that may lack volume.

Fat Transfer to areas such as breasts and buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift) are becoming increasing popular, and are great option if you’re looking for a natural way to increase the size and volume of those areas without having implants. While undergoing a Fat Transfer procedure to your face can bring fullness to your lips, cheeks, and areas under the eyes.


  • Improving self-esteem, confidence, and appearance
  • Correcting body abnormalities
  • Revitalising skin tone and smoother skin texture thanks to the rejuvenating stem cells present in fat
  • Removing fat from unwanted areas to improve other features
  • Less hassle – Fat Transfers generally require only one procedure as opposed to synthetic fillers that must be administered every few months
  • Facial procedures can last up to 5 years
  • Using your own fat is the safer than synthetic fillers

People all over the world are seeking less invasive cosmetic treatments, and with just a single procedure, Fat Transfers can deliver the same results that would require multiple procedures with dermal fillers.

By injecting fat into those trouble spots, we are able to smooth wrinkles, add volume and even revitalise your skin with the rejuvenating effects of stem cells present in fat. With just one procedure you’ll be amazed at what this all-natural alternative can do for your skin and body.


We understand there can be some trepidations about undergoing multiple cosmetic procedures. Some people may also feel unsure about using synthetic materials. If either of these issues concerns you, then you may be interested in a Fat Transfer procedure.

By using your own fat as a natural filler, Fat Transfers remove the need for multiple procedures and synthetic materials altogether.

Simply put, fat is removed from unwanted areas of the body and transferred to a more desirable region, where it can be used to contour and shape your features. Popular procedures include augmentation of the breasts and buttocks and treatment of the hands and face. All the procedures are safe and natural, so if you’re seeking a simple way to improve your features, a Fat Transfer could be just what you’re looking for.


Facial Fat Transfer
Fat is an incredibly versatile filler, making it perfect for facial procedures. Common treatments include the removal of facial wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, scarring caused by acne, and plumping up depressed regions of the cheeks, face, and lips.
Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer
While Breast Augmentation via Fat Transfer can deliver incredible results, the procedure is not ideal for everyone. The first question to ask is what you would like to achieve? If your breasts are already well shaped, but you would like to increase their size moderately, then a Fat Transfer could be perfect for you. If your breasts are sagging and you would like to significantly increase their size, this procedure will not be effective. However, we also offer Breast Augmentation with implants which you can learn more about here.
Buttock Augmentation with Fat Transfer
Commonly known as a ‘Brazilian Butt Lift,’ buttock augmentation with Fat Transfer can deliver incredible results for people looking for a more substantial, rounded buttock. The procedure uses fat to add volume to the buttocks while liposuction can be used to contour the area into the ideal shape.
Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer
We use our hands every day, so it’s no surprise that we can become self-conscious when those ‘new wrinkles’ and blood vessels start to appear. A Fat Transfer is a simple way to cover up these unwanted features by adding volume and smoothing out the area.


Due to the minimally invasive procedure, Fat Transfers do not require an overnight stay. The procedure itself is performed in three stages.:

Once the fat has settled in the target area, some cells will be reabsorbed into the body while the remaining fat naturally smooths and plumps up the surrounding skin. These effects will last for years, and when performed by our experienced surgeons with the latest techniques, we can ensure they last even longer.



How is a Fat Transfer performed?

Fat cells are harvested from parts of your body where there is an excess. The cells are then processed and injected back into the treatment area.

How long will a Fat Transfer last?

While the procedure is not permanent, Fat Transfers can last up to 5 years or longer. Results will vary depending on the treatment and how well your body responds to the transfer, but everyone’s experience will be different. For a more exact timeframe speak with your surgeon.

Where are fat cells collected?

The most common sources of fat for the procedures are your thighs and buttocks. These regions usually have excess amounts of fat, and in most cases the fat collected will not change their appearance.

How are fat cells transferred into my face or buttocks?

The procedure is relatively non-invasive. Once fat cells have been processed, they are transferred into a series of syringes which are then injected into the target regions of your face. For those undergoing buttock augmentation, the procedure does not change; fat cells are processed and injected into the target area. In both cases, there is no need for stitches, with a small bandage covering the injection points to promote healing.

What parts of my body suit Fat Transfers?

Fat Transfers are incredibly versatile and ideal for most areas of your face and body. However, lips and laugh lines can require multiple procedures with at least three transfers required to achieve desired results.

Why are Fat Transfers so effective?

Unlike other cells in your body, fat cells have a very adaptive connection to their blood supply. When they are reinjected into your body, they are much more likely to thrive as they are able to establish a connection with their new blood supply.

How much fat does a Fat Transfer require?

This all depends on the areas of the body being treated and the amount of fat you currently have. If you have a high level of body fat, there shouldn’t be any issue in collecting a small portion. However, if you have a low level of body fat, you may need to gain weight before the procedure. Your surgeon will let you know what’s best for you.

How long does a Fat Transfer procedure take?

Procedure times can range from one to five hours. This will depend on the areas selected for transfer and the areas being harvested for fat.

How long is the recovery?

Recovery time can vary from two days to two weeks. The time will depend on the type of procedure as well as the area being treated.

How should I prepare?

Your surgeon will provide you with a full list instructions, but in the lead-up to your procedure keep these things in mind:

  • Don’t smoke. If you do, stop at least six weeks before the procedure. This will lower your risk of complications and promote healing as you recover.
  • It’s also important that you let your surgeon know what medications you are taking. For instance, you will need to stop taking aspirin and other medications that can increase bleeding.
  • Finally, ensure you have made travel arrangements for the day of the surgery as you will not be able to drive yourself.

Still have questions? Allow one of our friendly staff to help you.