Foot pain is common problem for many people. As we age the elastin and collagen in our body begins to break down. This process occurs all over the body, but many people notice it on the soles of their feet.

Here the specialised fat pads designed to absorb and cushion the body as it moves, begin to shift and shrink.

No one should have to suffer through this kind of pain, which is why at Cosmetic Avenue our surgeons have partnered with a specialist Podiatrist, Tiffany Beaman.

Tiffany has over 20 years of experience to offer ‘The Footlift’, a long-term solution to lower foot pain. Developed 2014, the Footlift was designed specifically to address the all-too-common problem of fat pad atrophy, particularly underneath the forefoot.


  • Pain in ball or heel of the foot
  • Pain that can only be relieved by sitting
  • Pain in high heels, barefoot or thin-soled shoes
  • Feeling like there are small pebbles in your shoes
  • Thick, painful calluses appearing on the ball or heel

The procedure is designed to improve the structural integrity of your feet by regenerating the cushioning function of each fat pad.

Using fat harvested from elsewhere on the body (usually the abdomen), this procedure transfers the fat to the sole of your foot, providing comfort, cushioning and shock absorption.

The procedure is non-invasive and has been developed as an alternative to surgical intervention, giving you back your quality of life and removing lower foot pain once and for all.

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