The Mini Tummy Tuck procedure has a relatively short recovery period of one or two weeks. During this time the abdomen may be swollen, bruised and visibly red. To ensure proper healing and prevent further swelling, a special surgical garment is required for the first week. It is common to experience numbness around the treated area which can last for several months. You may also feel a mild to moderate level of discomfort, but appropriate pain medication will be prescribed to alleviate this.

While this procedure is not extremely invasive, you will need to take a few days off work. Most people will be able to return to their job within two weeks, while more physically demanding roles may need to be postponed up to six weeks.


Directly after the surgery, you will notice an immediate improvement in your appearance, but the full effects of the procedure can take up to three months as the swelling comes down and you are left with a smooth, flat, and tight abdomen. While the Mini Tummy Tuck does result in a scar, this will be well concealed under clothing, including bikini bottoms. Over time, the scar will fade somewhat.