Designed as a non-surgical and minimally invasive facelift, the Round Stitch method is a revolutionary new non-surgical facelifting technique that lifts and corrects sagging skin around the face, neck and jawline to create a more sculpted, fresher and youthful appearance without surgery.

Various types of thread-lifts have been around for several years now as viable non-surgical alternatives when patients are not a ready to have traditional surgical facelifts. Early thread-lifts used soft barbs or ‘cogs’ which many patients found uncomfortable and sometimes unsatisfactory, leading to many doctors looking for alternatives. The Round Stitch Facelift is the very latest in thread-lifting technology.

The Round Stitch Facelift is unique in that the lifting is done in real time and gives our patients the opportunity during the procedure to advise us on whether they are happy with the degree of lifting created.

Even better, the Round Stitch Facelift is adjustable, meaning if you feel you would like more or less ‘lift’ further down the track, we can alter the facelift as needed. And best of all, the Round Stitch Facelift starts working immediately, meaning there is no need for you to wait weeks for the full effects to be seen, as with traditional facelifts.

The Round Stitch Facelift takes approximately 1 hour and can last for up to 3-5 years. The procedure is minimally invasive, meaning there is no cutting/major trauma to the skin and no scarring with minimal downtime. The Round Stitch Facelift is performed under a local anaesthetic to ensure a comfortable, relaxed experience for our clients.