Okay so…

Isn’t it funny when a girl says “okay so…” you know you’re about to find out something totally juicy and in this case its no different.

I’m going to share with you some amazing people in the makeup industry. These ladies are all different in their styles and all phenomenal at what they do. Don’t we all wish we could have a makeup artist in our back pocket at all times? I know I do and you’re about to have these girls in phones reach.

Glamourfied by Lizi Hance – If the name doesn’t tell you how you’re gonna feel when you walk out then I don’t know what will. The ability to enHANCE a girls beauty without compromising her natural looks is something I commend her on. Lizi is your makeup guru and shares all her tips/tricks on snapchat! Lizi, your work is sublime and speaks for itself! Follow Lizi on: @lizi_hance_glamourfied

IMG_0837 image1 IMG_0814

Sarahmack_Beauty – A self taught MUA, yep thats right, “self taught”. I’m sorry but I cant even do a winged eyeliner without wanting to cry and this girl has taught herself to do makeup THIS good. A natural ability and a keen eye can create magic, you’re the Harry Potter of the makeup world girl. You can do no wrong. Follow Sarah on: @Sarahmack_beauty

Hollymakeupartist – Oh girl, you kill me. For being the youngest in the biz you have certainly made your mark. You are so so good at what you do! Your ability to create such flawless and elegant looks time and time again. Keep slaying the makeup world Holly, we LOVE you! Follow Holly on: @hollymakeupartist

That sums up my absolute go-to girls for makeup! This also doesn’t mean I don’t have others who I think are absolutely amazing too. SO stay tuned for more beauty, hair, fitness & breast augmentation talk in the next edit of “Real Talk”.

xoxo Vanda